Our Background

Aspen counselling service is a low cost counselling service in the heart of Lucan Village.
Working with a team of up to 30 therapists, both qualified and in training.

Aspen can offer a consultation within 48 hours of the initial contact by the client.
Aspen’s opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 9.30pm and Friday from 9.00am to 5:30pm.

Linda Balfe M.I.A.C.P and Paula Richards M.I.A.C.P are in partnership and look after the day to day requirements of Aspen Counselling. Linda founded Aspen Counselling in 2002 and Paula joined Aspen in 2010. Together they now manage a team of up to 30 therapists, both qualified and in training.  Aspen is proud to be able to provide 6 purpose built counselling rooms and are proud to provide a safe and secure yet nurturing and inclusive environment to their clients on a daily basis.

Our Mission

We at Aspen endeavor to provide a professional quality Counselling & Psychotherapy service to our clients and a supportive, safe, cooperative environment for all therapists.

The ethos of Aspen is one of community, equality, partnership, caring and nurturing.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, confidential space whereby individuals, couples, families and groups may engage in a therapeutic process in order to realise their own potential and are empowered to find solace, peace and understanding within their own lives through the work  they do in Aspen Counselling Services (Lucan) Ltd.

How we can help

In Aspen we can provide you with the opportunity to talk with one of our professional therapists within 48 hours of first contact.

You will be able to explore your issues in a safe and confidential environment.

Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing you pain and distress.

Our counsellors are there to support you.   We can provide a safe and supportive environment to explore you feelings where your views will be fully listened too and respected.

What to expect from Counselling:

During your counselling sessions, you’ll be encouraged to express your feelings and emotions. By discussing your concerns with one of our fully qualified therapists they will help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes as well as identifying ways of finding your own solutions to your problems. A regular commitment is required to make best uses of the counselling as it takes a number of session before the therapy can starts to make a difference in your life. The counselling sessions will last for 50 minutes.